100 API Ideas to Save Us on March 16, 2022 at 11.30 EET

March 9, 2022
Gunta Krumina

We all wish to live in a world without crisis – would it be climate, health, humanitarian crisis, or wars. True, we can’t solve those problems individually. Together we can use our collective intelligence and work on solutions that alone would never be possible. You can be one of those helping to ignite them.

At apidays Helsinki and North on March 16-17, 2022 One of our keynote speakers, the Finnish Climate Fund represented by Director Pia Erkinheimo, wants to collaborate with companies and startups who are keen to tackle resource consumption and climate change. One element is lacking – viable ideas. Contribute to finding great ideas how to use APIs, data and platforms for a better life in a better and more sustainable world.

Join the short scaled workshop at apidays Helsinki & North 2022 online event on March 16 at 11.30 EET (Helsinki time)! You can join also if you are merely interested in learning how to create these ideas.

Some possible areas are

  • energy efficiency,
  • material efficiency,
  • use of natural resources,
  • waste minimization.

Here are some existing API ideas that use data and have already been implemented related to sustainable living and resource consumption:

Open API to build a visualization of CO2 emissions that companies produce

This idea and API was presented at “The open API hackathon for Environment, Social & Corporate Governance goals" by runner-up Eco stat“

Transparency in business emissions

Over 20 million companies can be accessed via the AMEE APIs, including carbon efficiency ratings, carbon emissions, and sustainability and business ratings.

Register for the event free and join us to the workshop!

(p.s. the workshop will be done via simple online tools and doesn't involve any sharing of camera or audio at this time. We aim to continue discussion in a remote workshops which we'll share info via Osaango's newsletter, website and LinkedIn)

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