Successful ecosystems were built on Platform Economy 2.0 Day

September 25, 2020

Text: Marjukka Niinioja and Jyrki Koskinen

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The speakers were Marjukka Niinioja from Osaango Oy and Martin von Willebrand from the law firm HH Partners Oy.

The event was opened by Business Finland's new CEO Niina Kopola on Finland's opportunities in the platform economy. Professor Kaj Storbacka expanded the design concept from service and business design to market design, e.g. introducing the concept of minimum viable system in the spirit of minimum viable product. Professor Tommi Mikkonen presented in his presentation that Open APIs have reduced the importance of open source code. A lively discussion arose about this, in which Marjukka Niinioja and Martin von Willebrand raised e.g. the importance of open source as an implementation layer for APIs. This is important both in closed environments where applications that provide APIs need to be installed on your own network or in the cloud.

In addition, the use of open source to provide APIs reduces development costs and harnesses a broader knowledge network than your own organization, which is part of the “new” IPR rights highlighted by Martin von Willebrand in his own presentation. In terms of rights, Marjukka Niinioja presented API Economics 101 in her presentation using the "API dartboard": open APIs do not mean open data or open source, or vice versa, ie if you build your solution on open source you can still protect at least the data provided through the API. The issue of copyright in API interface specifications sparked debate: from this, speakers agreed that they are, in principle, very difficult to legally protect. The presentations given by Marjukka Niinioja and Tommi Mikkonen met this challenge. The new business models are set in motion by boldly presenting our own interfaces as part of ecosystem customer paths and, for example, marketplaces for SaaS applications.

After the morning presentations, three parallel workshops were held in the afternoon on the industrial, school and social and health sectors. The industry workshop networked the future assembly industry under the leadership of Sandvik Oy. The school workshop worked on Vantaa's DigiOne school and the social and healthcare sector workshop was tuned around the ODA network.

Platform Economy 2.0-day materials can be viewed here

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