API Monetization - an exploratory study

May 28, 2020

The research was presented at apidays Helsinki 2020, June edition, and the presentation can be watched below.

In brief

First, professor Seppänen introduces the sample companies by using the categorization we created in the API Economy 101 book, but re-purposing it to include the revenue model options.

He reminds us that it's not only the direct, but also the indirect ways of making money with your API that matter and that you don't need to select only 1 API, but instead you can have a portfolio of them. Professor Seppänen says the research team was highly surprised by the results when it comes to the industry and revenue models. You really need to think creatively about how APIs change your business models -it may even be the final business model - like we point out in the API Economy 101 book.

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