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December 20, 2021

Lost in the IT jungle

I can't be the only one who sometimes gets confused by all the acronyms in the IT field. Coming from outside the industry, it can be difficult to know who to contact and what to ask for when you have a business case you need help with. The experts in the industry are talking APIs, AI, OT, IoT, VR, AR, Big Data and more. Sometimes you even hear about EPI, flapping, booting, pinging, defragmenting, integration and hyperautomation. Sound familiar? 

IT corporate pages are often no different. You may read the same text several times and still have no clue about what they can do for you. You might even feel ashamed - Who can I call? What if I sound stupid? 

Fortunately, there are no stupid questions. At Osaango, we focus on solving our customers’ problems in a business-oriented way without the IT slang. There is no need for you to worry about explaining the case in proper terms or knowing where to start. That’s what we’re here for! 

API what?

One of Osaango’s key areas of expertise is API economy. Some of you may have heard the term before, but what is it all about? What are APIs? What can you do with them? APIs (application programming interfaces) enable and implement digitization. APIs can be used to connect services together. In short, it means that a company leverages resources (e.g., data or activity) from other organizations efficiently and quickly to add value to its own customers. In utilization, the building blocks are our own and others' public interfaces (paid or free) as well as developer communities, which enable the company to respond more quickly to changing and unforeseen customer needs (Moilanen, J., Niinioja M., Seppänen M., Honkanen M. 2018. Apitalous 101. Helsinki : Alma Talent Oy).

How can we help?

However, Osaango is not a product company. We don’t typically code, even if we guide and teach teams in utilizing APIs and data. We work in the center of our customers' ecosystems in fields such as energy, water, real estate, construction, transportation, finance, law and education, and find the best solutions for their needs through business centered service design. 

Most of our customers are companies that are either starting or in the middle of a modernization / digitization project. We welcome all business and IT challenges you may have and guide your organization towards an effective and sustainable solution. At Osaango, we also work with a wide network of globally recognized experts in their respective fields, so whatever the case - we’ll find a team for it. Let's keep in touch!

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