We implemented a project for Digitalia, the aim of which was to produce a business plan for the commercialization of the National Archives. Digitalia is a joint research center of the University of Applied Sciences of South-East Finland (XAMK), the University of Helsinki and the National Archives. Osaango Oy was responsible for consulting in business, productization, IT architecture and service design.  the project was built around a service design process.

Project highlights and results:

• The described ecosystem was introduced, and customer groups and customer paths were formed.

• Intangible capital resources were recorded, and organizational objectives legal constraints were clarified.

• The need for API integrations between different actor became clear as s business model was developed

• The result was to design a business model that utilizes Digitalia's core capabilities and the beginning of an overall architecture, in which programming interfaces (API’s), play important roles. This allows Customers to experiment and integrate with the solutions and algorithms offered by Digitalia.

Digitalia highly appreciated the results. Their final words for the project were: "The word consultant is no longer a curse word for us." Cooperation has also continued after the project in the API productization project. In July 2019, Digitalia and its background communities published a report, which also begins with a description of the collaboration project and highlights digital information management practices and solutions.

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