National Audiovisual Institute

The national audiovisual institute KAVI stores huge amounts of data every year and is, among other things, responsible for the preservation of domestic films as well as television and radio programs.

Artificial intelligence is a critical part of KAVI's operations. Marjukka Niinioja and Tessa Viitanen from Osaango Ltd sparred KAVI regarding their extensive operational and technological case, and the conversations tapped on e.g. artificial intelligence based solutions, innovative procurement procedures, software development processes and architecture.

Mervi Leino-Niemelä from KAVI concluded the sparring: "The presentation in terms of technology was so clear that even the humanist understood.’’

KAVI’s project was ambitious in terms of budget and the size of the agency, which placed special demands on innovation in terms of how the procurement and the architecture required for it should be designed. At the same time, completely new opportunities for KAVI to co-operate with researchers and companies in the field of Finnish cultural heritage and the development of artificial intelligence were innovated. Read more on this topic in an article published by Business Finland.

We at Osaango often spar both public and private sector actors on platform-, interface-, and other “smart” projects and procurement. Of particular importance in innovative procurement is that it develops something new together and, if necessary, with as many partners as possible. It is also important to allow room for agility and creativity, i.e. if the timetable, objectives and other issues related to procurement have already been strictly decided and there is no room for experimentation, it is not advisable to choose an innovative procedure as the procurement procedure. Of course, it does not eliminate the potential for innovation in sourcing - it is always worth questioning current operating models, processes and technological solutions and ensuring that customer and stakeholder needs are actually sufficiently identified to get the development going well.

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