Management model of the OT environment and continuity

A large organization and a significant player in a local real estate market. The goal was to open discussion and to create communication channels between the functions responsible of different areas of the operational technology environment, to report the status of continuity processes and to understand the OT management model established over time.


The project included several interviews and on-site workshops with the customer’s specialists, managers and directors. The kick off as well as the interviews included an introduction to the operational technology of the built environment as a whole and as a manageable set of technology, processes and people.

The information gathered with substantiated proposals were provided to the customer as an extensive summary. The summary was discussed through with the whole team as the customer wanted to be very open with the findings and to commit the team to the future change likely to be rolled out. 

The customer was more than pleased with the project and it was more than the customer expected. The proposals were discussed further to drive the change in short and long term.

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Open discussion throughout the OT related silos is very important and rewarding despite differences in opinions. It’s easy to continue the discussion with someone with a familiar face and this is how the networks are built and the commitment to possible future change gets stronger. It’s eye opening to describe and discuss through the team objectives and the maturity levels of each silo responsible of OT environment.

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