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During 2020 amidst the pandemic, Osaango Oy worked on an inspiring and exciting project for Visit Finland Data Hub.  The goal of the project was to design the new terms and conditions and the community guidelines for the travel platform. We needed to mind the legal, communication, and data perspectives and technical nature of the service.  Some user segments were using the platform with APIs only.

The main task was to make the terms, conditions, and community guidelines comprehensive yet clear to the end-users of the hub. We needed to tackle technical architecture, customer journeys, as well as legal requirements. The trickiest task was making the documents approachable to the non-legal public. Users should see the new service as welcoming instead of getting scared by lengthy terms and guidelines.

The deliverables of the project were innovative and accessible terms and conditions and community guidelines. These were co-created by experts from Osaango Oy, Osaango’s legal partner Fondia and the Visit Finland DataHub team.

Some highlights from the project  

We prepared material and facilitated online workshops for the Visit Finland DataHub team. The purpose of the workshops was to educate the team on legal design and get scope and answers to questions we had. First, we had to clarify and even impact some of the design decisions on architecture and customer journeys. Osaango and Fondia team prepared the draft documents based on the workshops. During the work, we applied an innovative combination of digital service design, software architecture design, and legal design.

We started by mapping all the stakeholders of this multi-sided platform. We had to understand their activities when using or participating in the service. Then we needed to find a way to combine the best customer experience and business outcome within the legal framework. Further co-creation workshops helped to enrich, refine, and add more concrete elements to the initial service outline.

The newly designed terms, conditions, and community guidelines allow the future users of the DataHub to feel more confident and engaged. We hope the results ensure the success of the new Visit Finland DataHub.

Visit Finland
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