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Building a great API is not just about having great technology

The use of APIs has evolved at a breathtaking speed over the last few years. Today, hundreds of thousands of developers have built software applications on top of APIs. Yet, building a great API or an application that utilizes an API is not just about having great technology.

You want elegant solutions that integrate easily and help your partners succeed, too. A successful API architecture is an essential aspect of your product or API product. Your APIs define how your customers will interact with your systems. Bots, devices, applications and humans all connect via APIs to access existing systems using new functions and services.

Eyes On Your APIs is an advisory service that helps you establish best practices for building and operating your APIs. Osaango and our experts at The API Collective help you to upskill your organization to confidently create, maintain and manage APIs. We bring the industry best practices and experience to your API programs and developer portal projects.

We focus on strong industry expertise and an understanding of industry-specific ecosystems, operators, and business models, as well as standards, data and technologies. Together with our international network, we have experience in areas such as energy, water, real estate, construction, transportation, finance, law and education. We apply our expertise in a way that suits the customer's business and target group.

How Eyes On Your APIs works?

“I’ve found that there are people who have the expertise to help me work out the best way to get things done. These specialists have experience in APIs and similar organizations and industries, so they can tell me what good looks like. I can use this advice to explain to the top management or the rest of the organizations how we could improve what’s not working. They make it much quicker and easier across every stage of my API-transformation journey.”

We help you integrate your API product strategy and API architecture needs. We also help to find the right level of partner journey and developer experience to meet your goals. Instead of technology, we provide flexible expert guidance tailored to individual teams and organizations needs.

We believe in a participatory approach, with highly skilled experts and resources that will help you build your team’s competencies. Our goal is to extend our client’s knowledge on the topics that matter. We make sure you are fully prepared to face future challenges. Each consultant brings together high-level skills and international experience, as well as a strong collaborative ability that allows contributing to the success of your ambitions. We usually start with a workshop to audit your current status and have a calibration sprint to set up the priorities. We can then provide tailor-made implementation guidance and when needed, even hands-on training.

Find the right roles and operating model. Build your teams and stakeholders competence to get your digital ecosystem and API products up-to-speed. Convince your development teams that using common design standards and tools is better for everyone. Improve your API architecture or give expert guidance on specific topics.

Looking to scale up the API competence at your company?

Maybe your organization is not yet ready to start developing APIs or to roll out an API strategy? You can ask us in just for a "wake up call". We typically deliver 2 hour leadership workshops that answer questions like "Why business should be interested in APIs?" to "What are others in our industry or ecosystem doing with APIs?".

If you need to convince more people or build a culture around API innovation, check out our Futudemy innovation and learning program.

Why should you use Eyes On Your APIs?

Improve developer experience, reuse and / security of your APIs.

Get your API products to market faster.

Increase adoption and use of your APIs and strengthen your partner or client relationships.

Build something extraordinary

Eyes On Your APIs helps technology startups and established enterprise companies envision their future state & develop a robust plan to get there. In short, to put an extra pair of eyes on the APIs and the way they are developed and managed and to attract more attention to them from clients and partners.

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