Curious to know how to re-think business and service design using smart technology and APIs?

How does it work?

Did you know, 1/2 of the workforce will require upskilling in the next 10 years?

You are invited to an exclusive program that will unlock your potential.

See for yourself how Futudemy is reinventing the way we learn, harnessing cutting-edge technology and best pedagogy practices that accelerate your learning by orders of magnitude.

Futudemy is a new learning experience where you can design and implement new business models, develop digital product and service ideas. Or just learn the processes of how to make the services smarter and automated - with APIs!

How does Futudemy work?

Join our next cohort to zero gap between business and tech. The Futudemy experience is a guided one, focused on creative use of APIs, data and technology to improve business and society. Our team of coaches and mentors will help you build your idea from an idea to a concept or prototype, with practical skills that can be implemented in your professional projects. Learn about business, API, data and new technology in class, with 2 hours per week x 4 weeks. We'll help you take the first step towards understanding digital innovation!

"This is not your average hackathon or course!"

Futudemy brings together vendors and solution providers, designers, technologists and entrepreneurs from various industries for short projects.

Why partner with Futudemy?

  • As a partner, you will be able to innovate with your current or future prospects, customers and employees.
  • Futudemy nurtures future service designers, digital leaders and developers.
  • Give your future clients or your employees the true skills, experience and pleasure to design services in more meaningful ways.
Why partner with Futudemy?

Get more proficient at designing services and products with APIs.

Adapt quickly to the changing tech landscape. Be able to spot opportunities easily.

Make better decisions based on data to make any current products or services smarter.

How does it work?

Connect with our amazing community to boost your technical and business skills! Join us for four weeks where you will be guided and mentored through the process of taking an idea from concept to pitch. Learn about APIs and data, get a taste of a hackathon Or just see if this is a world that interests you.

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