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We power humans to create viable ecosystems with APIs, data and smart technologies

reveal the future

Together we create viable ecosystems with APIs, data and smart technologies

Crafting a smart ecosystem or API strategy?

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Make the connection between market need and your API products.

We keep our eyes on API-enabled business models around the world. We help you design the right value with APIs. We want your teams to become self-sufficient. We offer our expertise as consulting and training - using the open APIOps Cycles method.

Result? Your ecosystem loves your APIs and your business will grow.

build your team's API competence?

We power the humans behind APIs with world-scale learning - online and expert led.


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What is API Economy? 
What about Data Economy? 
Confused about Operational Technology?

Not sure you know what API economy, Data economy, Operational Technology are? No worries, read more on our website or check out our open university and other courses at Osaango Academy.

We also create custom online and remote courses for organizations and education providers, so talk to us about your project.

KONE and Tampere University
National Audiovisual Institute
APIdays Global

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Your team will be ready for the near future, but also have clarity which items to tackle in the long term.

You are steering the ship. We’ll be providing advice and examples on what good looks like for you and your organization.

You can give us as much or little lead and implementation role as you need to. You will get practical results in 3-4 week sprints.

Let's start revealing your future!

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