API innovaatio-ohjelma uusien ideoiden ja toimintapojen löytämiseen

API innovaatio-ohjelma uusien ideoiden ja toimintapojen löytämiseen

Futudemy innovaatio- ja oppimisohjelma

An international service provider for secure financial transactions had many data products and APIs. They needed to get to the next level of data consumption. They wanted external expertise for their global teams. They sought actionable ideas for roadmaps and new ways to work with APIs.

Fasilitoimme neljän viikon API innovaatio-ohjelman Futudemy-mallillamme. Siihen osallistui osallistujia yrityksen tuote-, myynti- ja teknologiatiimeistä. 

During the program, the participants developed their knowledge and understanding of APIs. This included understanding and designing API products and solutions. They got many new actionable ideas. They also practiced APIOps Cycles methods to use regularly with their APIs. The program greatly impacted the company’s APIs strategy and offering.

Saadut opit

It was very beneficial to have a multidisciplinary team from different departments working and talking together about APIs. When we started, some were technical experts with APIs, while others didn’t quite know what an API is. Still all were able to combine their skills and knowledge together and surprise our key stakeholders by coming up with new ideas, great presentations  and a complete roadmap.

The API concepts and products can’t be developed successfully  in technical or business silos. Talking together and understanding each other is the only way to actionable outcomes and excellence.