Digipalveluiden ja IT-arkkitehtuurin suunnittelu ja uudistaminen

Digipalveluiden ja IT-arkkitehtuurin suunnittelu ja uudistaminen

Information and Data Architecture
Europe & UK

Fondia on täyden palvelun liikejuridiikan asianajotoimisto, jolla on 14 toimipistettä Suomessa, Ruotsissa, Liettuassa ja Virossa sekä yli 100 lakimiestä He halusivat uudistaa digitaaliset palvelunsa ja palvelutukijärjestelmänsä sekä toteuttaa muutoksen.

We designed a new modular and API-driven IT-architecture and re-arranged organization. The goal is to free  lawyer’s time for more productive sales and customer work.

Using data-analysis we pinpointed the most problematic areas in service flow and digital services. That helped to plan and implement rapid experiments. It lowered the costs and led to faster development cycles.

We assisted Fondia to secure € 2 Million Business Finland  for their development work for the upcoming two years. Our current engagement combines service design, enterprise architecture and API-design and API test automation consulting.

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It is very important to understand cultural differences of the Nordic and Baltic operating countries. Each country organization also has its own stage of market maturity and client expectations.

These impact the design and priorities of the solution as much as the technology. The changes in business priorities and the market for API-integratable SaaS solutions are ever changing. The key is have a clear vision for the long term target business goals. The architecture runway can then be much shorter.