APIen mahdollistamasta strategiasta integroituun partnerkokemukseen

APIen mahdollistamasta strategiasta integroituun partnerkokemukseen

API-universumin kaupallistaminen
Europe & UK

Pohjoiseurooppalainen media- ja mainosyritys halusi tarjota uuden itsepalvelukokemuksen APIen avulla. Kohdesegmenttinä olivat mediatoimistot ja integraatiokumppanit. Heidän asiakkaansa mainostavat asiakkaamme mediakanavissa.

We started with a business-focused API strategy. It combined a market study, technical feasibility research, and an audit of the current APIs. The client used the roadmap we created to work on their own and returned after completing it. 

We took a new look at the current market situation. We also assessed their increased capabilities. A new roadmap was then created. It included modeling the partner journey and preparing for setting up the APIs. We also planned an integrated client and developer portal architecture.

We helped the client consider a few options for API management and portal. The best option was to implement a loose integration to the customer’s ad manager platform. It helped to create a smooth journey for partner organizations and their developers.

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We continue coaching them irregularly, reserving a short sprint every half a year as needed. A big part of the success is the solid internal capability for leading the API product management. The client has created a stronger connection with marketing, sales, product, and technology with our help.