Tietoarkkitehtuuri erinomaisen kehittäjäkokemuksen takaamiseksi

Tietoarkkitehtuuri erinomaisen kehittäjäkokemuksen takaamiseksi

Information and Data Architecture
Europe & UK

Maailmanlaajuinen white label -rahoitusalustan tarjoaja halusi tarjota suoran pääsyn kumppani- ja kehittäkohderyhmälleen ohjelmointirajapintoihin (APIt) ja asiakkaisiin ja samalla muuttaa konesaliratkaisun hybridialustaksi ja markkinapaikaksi.

A Europe -based high-end customer experience design partner approached us about information architecture.  They requested us to audit the current and target customer journey and services. Developers and technical audiences were the main segment for the new services.

We interviewed key stakeholders from marketing, sales, legal and technology. We were able to find conceptual issues and create a common set of personas and vocabulary. We recommended changes to content structure, navigation and user profile management. One key recommendation was to create a design system including information architecture. This would help to align all parties towards the huge transformation task ahead.

Saadut opit

Transforming from on-premise legacy products to hybrid and cloud provider is not trivial. It impacts also the roles and ways of working. 

The project was challenging. It required special experience on high security hybrid environments, SaaS and finance domains. Another key area was understanding the API and software developer and partner viewpoints.